Galerie Alte Meister KölnGalerie Alte Meister Köln

Galerie Alte Meister Köln

Fine Art since 1998

Galerie Alte Meister Cologne
Fine Art since 1998
Gemälde Skulpturen Objekte
Inh. Eva Regtmeier M.A.

Wissenschaftliche Beratung:
Prof. Dr. Dirk Hoeges

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The Galerie Alte Meister in the centre of the cathedral-city of Cologne is the only gallery that deals predominantly with Old Masters. It offers connoisseurs and collectors a vibrating suspensive range of Old Master Paintings, Sculptures and Fine Arts, all selected with discrimination and displayed in modern surroundings.

Paintings of German, Flemish, Dutch, French and Italian masters from the 15 th to 19 th centuries; a collection of French, Italian and English courtfans of the highest quality and sculptures from the 15 th to 18 th centuries are on offer alongside drawings, etchings and engravings.

The hallmark of the Galerie Alte Meister is its knowledgeable, discreet and individual advising, together with well-directed searching for required objects by highly qualified experts of international repute.

Among the advisory staff is the honorary member Prof. Dr. Dirk Hoeges, scholar of cultural and literary history, who has worked on exhibitions at the Museum of the History of Art in Vienna and the Kestner Museum in Hannover.

The excellent relationship between the Galerie Alte Meister and private collectors, professional art dealers and museums enables the gallery to conduct research and establish contacts at the highest level.

The Galerie Alte Meister offers readings and vernissages on various topics of European art history. The creative and innovative juxtapositioning of old and new fine art illustrates and manifests the correspondence across time, of the past and the present. Combining Old Masters with today’s living culture permits us to discover fascinating opportunities for a lively synthesis of different styles in contemporary cultural awareness.


The Classical in dialogue with the Modern

Old Masters can be modern!